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Overview of Claimant Portal – BEACON Maryland

In this tutorial, you will see how to navigate the Claimant Portal Home Screen.

Log into BEACON. Enter your Username and Password. Select the Login button.

claimant portal on beacon maryland unemployment

Overview Claimant Portal

Action Item

The Action Item tile will display if there are action item that need to be completed.

Claim Information

The Claim Information tile will show the Claim Status: The Program Name, the Weekly Benefit Amount, the Maximum Benefit Amount, the Monetary Balance and the Benefit Year Begin and End Date.

Weeks Claimed

The Weeks Claimed tile displays the weeks that are available for weekly certification by indicating it with a red exclamation point, and weeks already claimed with a green checkmark. Note this tile will display the three most recent weeks. There may be more weeks available or otherwise claimed than what is shown on this tile.

Payment Information

The Payment Information tile will display the payment information for the most recent week claimed. Date Filed is the date the weekly certification was filed for the most recent week claimed.

The Payment Amount displays the total dollar amount to be paid. This will include the Weekly Benefit Amount, as well as any additional compensation dollar amount.

The Payment Status displays the status of the payment. The Date Paid field will display the date of the payment.

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