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What disqualifies you from unemployment in KY?


Unemployment benefits provide temporary financial assistance to individuals who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

These benefits are designed to help tide them over until they secure new employment. However, not everyone is eligible for unemployment benefits, and there are certain factors that can disqualify individuals from receiving them in the state of Kentucky.

Lack of Employment Eligibility

One of the main disqualifiers for unemployment benefits in Kentucky is a lack of employment eligibility. To be eligible, individuals must have performed qualifying work within the past 18 months. They must have earned a sufficient amount of wages during this period and must meet other specific requirements related to work history and earnings.

Voluntary Resignation

If an individual voluntarily resigns from their job without good cause, they may be disqualified from unemployment benefits. Good cause is typically defined as a legitimate reason that a reasonable person would leave their job, such as unsafe working conditions or being subjected to harassment.

Termination for Misconduct

Individuals who have been terminated from their jobs due to misconduct are generally disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits. Misconduct can include actions such as theft, physical altercations, repeated violations of company policies, or other behaviors that demonstrate a willful disregard for the employer’s interests.

Refusal of Suitable Work

If an individual refuses an offer of suitable work without a valid reason, they may be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits. Suitable work refers to a job that matches the individual’s skills, qualifications, and prior work experience. It is important for individuals to demonstrate a genuine effort to actively seek and accept suitable employment opportunities.

Failure to Meet Active Job Search Requirements

In order to receive unemployment benefits, individuals in Kentucky must actively search for employment and be available for work. Failure to demonstrate an ongoing effort to seek suitable employment opportunities can result in disqualification from receiving benefits. This includes keeping a record of job applications, attending job fairs, and participating in other job-seeking activities as required by the state’s unemployment agency.

Other Factors

There are various other factors that can disqualify individuals from unemployment benefits in Kentucky. These can include receiving severance pay, being self-employed, being involved in a labor dispute, or being incarcerated.

In summary, it is important to understand the eligibility requirements and guidelines for receiving unemployment benefits in Kentucky. Lack of employment eligibility, voluntary resignation, termination for misconduct, refusal of suitable work, failure to meet job search requirements, and various other factors can disqualify individuals from receiving these benefits. It is recommended to contact the Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance for detailed information and assistance regarding eligibility and the application process.

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