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What to Do After Filing Your Claim – Kansas Unemployment

what to do after your claim in kansas unemployment

The Kansas Department of Labor presents a guide on what to do after filing your claim. So you filed your application for benefits, what’s next?

You will be issued a notice of monetary determination which will tell you your weekly and total benefit amounts.

potencially benefits on kansas unemployment

If you exhaust your benefits you cannot file a new claim until the exhausted claim has expired. Claims expire after a year.

You need to start keeping track of your work searches activities. You will need to provide details such as the:

  • Date of contact
  • Employer name
  • Contact information
  • Method of contact
  • Type of work sought
  • The result of the contact.

The search activity log is available on the website to help get you started.

work search activity form on what to do after the claim on kansas unemployment

Weekly Claim

Remember that you must request your benefits each week by filing a weekly claim online at or by calling one of the weekly claim phone numbers.


  • Kansas City: 913-287-6913
  • Topeka: 785-296-4337
  • Wichita: 316-269-0633
  • Toll-free: 800-292-6333

Weeks run Sunday through Saturday:

weeks run sunday through saturday to the weekly claim on kansas unemployment

When the week for the week ends on Saturday starting the next day on Sunday after 12:00 noon you can file for the week that just ended. You must file your weekly claims timely every week. If you fail to do so your claim will go inactive and you will have to call the contact center to reopen your claim and any unclaimed weeks will be lost.

Keep in mind that the first eligible claim week is your waiting week which is non payable.

waiting week non payable to the claim on kansas unemployment

Nothing is deducted from your total benefit amount for this waiting week. If you work during a week that you are requesting benefits for, you must provide your hours worked and total gross earnings for the week.

You can receive partial benefits if you earn less than your weekly benefits amount however you are still required to complete your work search record for that week.

If you get separated from a job or refuse work during a week being claimed you will need to call the contact center.

separated from a job or refuse work to call the unemployment contact center

Your claim may be reviewed for issues such as your job separation or ability to work. The KDOL call this the adjudication process.

Any weeks claimed will be placed on hold until a determination is made and it’s important to file weekly claims during this process. If you are determined eligible on all issues you will be paid for your weeks claimed. A determination is usually issued within several weeks.

If you live in Kansas you may be contacted by mail for a mandatory appointment at your local Kansas Workforce Center so please look for the notice.

kansas workforce center to file the weekly claim on kansas unemployment

If you have any further questions please visit to review the helpful frequently asked questions.

You may also call us at any of the phone numbers:

  • Kansas City: 913-287-6913
  • Topeka: 785-296-4337
  • Wichita: 316-269-0633
  • Toll-free: 800-292-6333

Thank you for watching and remember we are here to assist you throughout this process.

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