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GDOL Claim Status Tracker – Georgia

The Georgia Department of Labor is dedicated to providing efficient services to our customers.

To enhance the user experience, we have introduced a new claim status tracker. This tool will assist you in monitoring the progress of your claim and keeping you informed throughout the process.

Understanding the Claim Status Bar

The claim status bar consists of different colors to represent your current position in the claims process. Here’s what each color indicates:

  • Gray: Indicates that you have not filed a claim in Georgia within the last 52 weeks.
  • Yellow: Indicates that your application for unemployment benefits is incomplete. You need to finalize your application.
  • Green: Indicates that your claim has been received and is awaiting processing. You will receive an email and a mailed determination once it has been processed.
  • Red: Indicates that your claim does not meet the eligibility criteria. You will be notified about the reasons for ineligibility.

Claim Process

Once you have filed your claim, the claim status tracker will update accordingly:

  • Submitted: The portion of the bar will turn yellow or green. Yellow indicates an incomplete submission, while green indicates a successful submission. Within three business days, your claim will be processed.
  • Processed: The portion of the bar will turn red or green. Red indicates that you have not earned enough wages to establish eligibility for benefits. Green indicates that your claim has been processed and is awaiting an eligibility determination.
  • Eligibility Determination: The portion of the bar will turn yellow or green. Yellow indicates that your most recent employer is being contacted for details about your separation. Green indicates that your eligibility determination has been mailed, and eligible payments will be released within two business days.

Appeals Process

If you or your employer file an appeal, the appeal filed portion of the bar will change:

  • Appeal Filed: The portion of the bar will turn yellow or green. Yellow indicates that the appeal is awaiting processing or scheduling for a hearing. Green indicates that an appeal has been filed and scheduled for a hearing.

If it has been more than 21 days since you filed your claim and you require further information, kindly contact the Georgia Department of Labor at 1-877-709-8185. Remember to request your weekly payments while your claim is being processed.

We hope that this claim status tracker will assist you in staying updated on the progress of your claim and guide you through the next steps for receiving unemployment benefits. For more detailed information about the unemployment benefits program, please visit our website at

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