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Reset PIN on Reemployment Assistance

Reset PIN on Reemployment Assistance

In this tutorial you will learn with the guide for resetting your Reemployment Assistance Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Let´s walk through the steps to reset your reemployment assistance personal identification number or PIN in your connect account.

Reset PIN – Reemployment Assistance Method

First go to, scroll up to the top right icon on the home page reading. Log in here connect and select claimants.

login here connect claimants reemployment assistance florida

This bring you to the log in page of connect. Once you are brought to the login page for connect, please read the warning notice and select “I acknowledge I have read the above” and then click Next.

Enter your social security number or claimant ID number and then select “Forgot PIN”.

forgot pin to enter on connect reemployment assistance florida

PIN Reset Options

You may select between “Send Pin Reset Email” or “Answer Security Questions” to reset your PIN.

pin reset options reemployment assistance florida

If you have never logged into connect, “Send Pin Reset Email”, and email will sent to the email address we have on file. You will receive an email from  soon after you submit request. Click the link and follow the instructions on how to complete the process for resetting your PIN.

activation link email to reset pin reemployment assistance florida

If you have previously logged into connect, select “Answer Security Questions”.

answer security questions reemployment assistance florida

Submit Personal Information

The submit personal information screen will populate. You can enter your personal information into the required data fields. Select the next button once you are sure the information is correct and accurate.

submit personal information reemployment assistance florida

The Set PIN screen will populate into required information into PIN data fields. Please note that your PIN should be four digits long. You will then be able to review or modify your security question.

The answers to your security questions must be five or more characters long. We strongly recommend storing your answers in a secure please as they will need to be entered exactly as submitted. Select the Submit button to complete reseting your PIN.

Reminder, in order to receive unemployment assistance benefits, you must login to connect every two weeks and confirm that you are still unemployed, but able and available for work should ir be offered. For additional questions and assistance about resetting you PIN, please  contact the reemployment assistance

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