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Unemployment Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide for Eligibility, Applications, and Work Search Activities

The loss of a job can be a stressful time for you and your family. Unemployment insurance is here to help. This program provides temporary financial assistance to individuals who become unemployed through no fault of their own. To receive benefits, you must meet eligibility requirements listed in the Claimant’s Guide to Unemployment Benefits available at

Unemployment Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide for Eligibility, Applications, and Work Search Activities

You can apply for benefits 24/7 by visiting the online claim application. Once your initial application is processed, you will need to file a weekly continued claim to certify your ongoing eligibility. This can be done by filling out the online claim form.

Active Job Search

A key component of unemployment insurance is actively searching for employment. You are required to engage in a minimum number of approved work search activities each week. Examples of these activities include submitting applications, sending out resumes, networking, and searching for jobs on websites like CT Hires, LinkedIn,, or

For assistance in finding a job, take advantage of the valuable services offered at our American Job Centers at no cost to you.

Record Keeping

It is important to keep a record of your work search activities. These details must be submitted weekly and may be audited during claims audits. Failure to provide records may result in having to repay benefits received. Include the date of contact, name of company or organization, contact information, type of work sought, method of contact, and the results of the activity.

Reporting Work and Earnings

If you have the opportunity to work part-time or temporarily while receiving unemployment benefits, you must report your work each week. This includes self-employment and part-time work, even if you have not yet been paid. Report your gross earnings, which is the amount you earned before taxes and deductions. Gross earnings should be reported for the previous Sunday through Saturday.

For example, if you worked 15 hours in a week earning $20 per hour, report $300 as your gross earnings when filing your weekly request for payment.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud in claiming unemployment benefits is a serious offense. Audits are conducted regularly, and if fraud is discovered, you may be required to repay up to twice the amount of benefits received. You may also be disqualified from future benefits and face criminal charges. It is crucial to provide accurate and honest information when filing your weekly claim.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on accurately reporting information or if you made a mistake on a weekly claim, please contact our Consumer Contact Center for assistance. We are here to help you succeed in your job search.

Remember, fulfilling the requirements of actively searching for work, keeping records, reporting earnings, and being able and available for work is essential to receiving your benefits. Check out the resources available at our American Job Centers located statewide to support your job search journey. Visit and click on American Job Centers for more information.

Remember, you can find all the contacts and essential information in your Claimant’s Guide. Your primary obligation during this time of receiving unemployment benefits is to find a job. Don’t forget to file your claim weekly, keep track of your work search activities, report earnings, and know that we are here for you through our American Job Centers.

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