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Update Your Personal Profile – California Edd

update your personal profile in california edd unemployment

Welcome to UI Online – your fast, convenient, and secure way to certify for continuing unemployment benefits, and manage your claim. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to update your personal profile using UI Online.

Now you can update your personal profile information and set account preferences, without speaking to a representative, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To access the many features of UI Online, you first need to register in Benefit Programs Online and create a UI Online account.

Update Your Personal Profile in Benefit Programs Online

If you haven’t created an account yet, please view our other instructional tutorial, “UI Online: Overview and Registration,” which will assist you in creating your Benefit Programs Online and UI Online accounts.

Once you login you will arrive on the UI Online Home Page. You can update your contact information and set personal preferences by accessing the main menu at the top of the page and selecting the “Personal Profile” tab.

personal profile tab to update personal information on california edd unemployment

Personal Profile

UI Online offers you access to change your personal profile at any time without speaking to an EDD representative. From the Personal Profile page, you can: Update your contact information, set your preference for both written and spoken language, and opt out of receiving paper claim forms.

For security purposes, the only change you will still need to speak to an EDD representative about is to change your name and date of birth. If you need to update your name or date of birth call the EDD at 1-800-300-5616 during normal business hours.

contact to update personal information on california edd unemployment

Contact Information

To update your address or phone number, select the “Contact Information” link.

contact information to update address or phone number on california edd unemployment

On the Contact Information page you can review or update your mailing address, residential address, or phone number. To update your address, enter the new mailing address and residence address information.

If your residence address is the same as your mailing address select, the “Same as mailing address” check box.

contact information section on california edd unemployment

Use the Phone Numbers section to update your phone number. After updating your address or phone number, select the Next button to continue.

Standardized Mailing Address

To ensure fast and accurate delivery of important correspondence from the EDD, UI Online will format your mailing address to meet the U.S. Postal Service standards. You’ll have the option to accept the standardized address to ensure faster delivery, or if you see inaccurate information in the standardized address, you can choose to use the address you provided. Select the “Next” button to submit your choice.

standardized mailing address on california edd unemployment

Invalid Residence Address

invalid residence address on california edd unemployment

If you have entered an address that cannot be validated UI Online will display the Invalid Residence Address page. The page will display the option to use the address as entered or select the “Previous” button to correct the address.

Contact Information Confirmation

Once on the Contact Information Confirmation page, it is very important to remember that your address will not be updated until you click the “Submit” button located on this page.

contact information confirmation on california edd unemployment

Personal Preferences

Other options such as language preferences can also be changed from the Personal Profile page. To do so select the “Personal Preferences” link.

personal preferences on personal profile in california edd unemployment

This will take you to the Personal Preferences page where you could update your spoken and/or written language preferences.

You could also update your preferred method of correspondence. For select types of correspondence, there are certain documents that will continue to be mailed, despite this designation. If you haven’t already chosen to go paperless like most customers, you can do so from this screen.

personal preferences page on california edd unemployment

Go paperless by selecting the “Yes” option next to “Only certify using UI Online or EDD Tele-Cert.” Once “Yes” is selected the EDD will not mail you the paper continued claim form. An e-mail will be sent to your personal e-mail address to notify you when you have weeks available for you to certify online for faster benefits.

Select the “Submit” button to accept the changes you have made on this screen.

We hope you have found this tutorial helpful on how to manage your personal profile through UI Online in a fast, convenient and secure way online.

Additional information is on the EDD website. We also invite you to view our other instructional
tutorials that are available to learn more about the many different benefits and conveniences
of using UI Online.

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