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How to Report a Job Refusal Using Ask EDD

How to Report a Job Refusal Using Ask EDD

Has a former employee refused your offer to come back to work?.

If you are an employer, you can now report job refusals to the EDD using Ask EDD.

Requirements to Receive Benefits

In most cases, individuals receiving UI benefits must remain available for work, and accept suitable offers of work.

  • Remain available for work
  • Accept suitable offers of work

Even during unusual circumstances, a claimant should not refuse a suitable offer of work without a good cause reason.

To report a job refusal, go to, or select the Ask EDD link on the EDD home page.

ask edd in california unemployment to receive benefits

This link can also be found at the bottom of most pages on the EDD website.

On the Ask EDD page, select the Unemployment Insurance Benefits category from the drop-down menu, followed by the Employer Inquiry sub-category.

unemployment insurance benefits in ask edd california

Select the Report Refusal of Work topic, and then select Continue.

report refusal of work topic in ask edd in california

It’s important that you provide all the information requested. They’ll need to know about you and your business, the person who refused the job, and details about the job refusal. The more details you provide, the better the EDD can make a well-informed, timely decision.

Once your submission is received, the EDD will review all the information you provided, and based on certain criteria, will determine if there was a good cause reason for the individual to have refused the job offer.

Examples of Criteria Used to Determine Eligibility (not a complete list)

  • The risk involved to the individual´s health and safety.
  • The individual´s prior training, experiences and wages.
  • The individual´s length of unemployment and prospects of securing local work in the individual´s customary occupation.
  • The distance of the aavailable work from the individual´s residence.

Both the employer and the individual receiving benefits will be contacted for us to determine if the reason meets good cause requirements.

Visit the Refusal of Work webpage for additional information on how the EDD will make its decision:

We hope you found this tutorial helpful. Thanks for reading.

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