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How to apply for benefits in California

This post will guide you through the process of applying for benefits on our platform.

It’s a simple process that does not require creating an account, although having an account can help you track the status of your application.

Applying for Benefits

To get started, visit the BenefitsCal homepage and select “Apply Now.”


You will then see an overview of the application process, along with more information about what to expect.

Click “Begin” to start the application. The application summary screen will appear, showing each section of the application and its status. You can navigate back to this screen at any time.

Click “Your Information” to continue the application. Select your preferred language and click “Next.” Answer the questions that appear on the screen and click “Next” to proceed.

Check the box next to each program for which you are applying. If you’re unsure about any, click “Not Sure” for more information. Click “Next” to continue.

Continue answering the questions on the screen, providing details about yourself, your family, and your household. Click “Next” to proceed.

The Income, Expenses, and Assets Sections

In the “Income” section, start by answering questions about your employment. Select the appropriate checkboxes for your household’s employment status. Identify the individual who has a job in the household.

Answer questions related to the individual’s job and click “Next” to continue. A summary of the household’s income will be displayed on the screen. Click “Next” to proceed.

Follow the same process for the “Expenses” and “Assets” sections. It’s recommended to upload any required documents before submitting your application. The more information you provide, the faster your application will be processed. Click “Next” after uploading the required documents.

Reviewing and Submitting the Application

After reviewing a quick summary of the application details, answer a few additional questions. If you’re applying for CalFresh, scheduling an interview appointment is required. Select your preference and click “Next.”

Now, it’s time to sign and submit the application. Enter your name, the date, and check the required boxes. Click “Submit Signature” to proceed.

After a final summary of the application, click “Submit Application” to finish. Congratulations, we have received your application! You can save the confirmation receipt through text, email, or download.

For more informative videos, please visit or check out our YouTube channel, Benefits Cal.

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