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How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance and Get Approved

How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance alaska

Type in your browser Click on the link “File for Unemployment Insurance”.

File for Unemployment Insurance and Be Approved

file for unemploment insurance hyperlink in alaska

Click on “File for UI benefits here”

file for ui benefits here in alaska unemployment

Type in your myAlaska Login Username and password. Click “Sign-In”:

log in to myalaska to file for ui benefits in alaska unemployment

Type your:

  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Lasta Name
  • Birthday

Then click “Continue”.

Next, click the link – the latest filing week:

the latest filing week to file for ui benefits in alaska unemployment

Weeks Claimed

Answer all the next questions. Depending on your answers, you may be asked to provide additional information. Do not exit until you have certified that your answers are true and correct. After you certify, you will receive a confirmation page for your records.

week claimed questions to file for ui benefits in alaska

Personal Information

Questions about gender, education, race and ethnicity are used to learn about Alaska´s population charactersitics and may be used for policy development and economic trends. This information is voluntary and will not affect our eligibility for benefits.

personal information to file for ui benefits in alaska unemployment

Work Search Questionaire

The work search information you provide may be reviewed and selected for audit, which means the employer ou provide will be contacted for verification. You may be contacted to verify your work search information for any week filed so it is important to document ansd save the information while filing for benefits. Failure to follow work search requirements may result in your UI benefits being denied.

work search quesionnaire to file for ui benefits in alaska unemployment

A valid work search is contacting an employer or a person who has the rigth to hire and who may have a job that meets our skills and training. A valid work search does not include conacting a job center office (unless that is the method the employer has requested) a private employment agency where a free is charged, or calling the UI claim center. If you are using a job search engine such as ALEXsys or Craigslist to search for work, you must give the posting number if the employer name is not available. ALEXsys, Craiglist, and other job search engines will not be accepted as the employer name.

How to do the Job Search? (link)

work search questionnaire to file for ui benefits in alaska unemployment

The only way for you NOT to have a delayed benefits is to do a job search each week. I didn´t do a job search before and  it was denied, i throught they waiced it because of pandemic but it seems they haven´t updated their system yet.

unemployment insurance denied for not to have the job search in alaska

It was “DENIED” the first tiem but… wait

Because I did the job search…

certification page to file for ui benefits in alaska unemployment

ui benefits confirmation in alaska unemployment

The next day..

current ui claim status and work search requirements to file for ui benefits in alaska

ui benefits approved in alaska unemployment

I file every Sunday so that the next day (monday), I will be Able to check my status my status… and the payment will be deposited into my bank account every wednesday. They waived the waiting week. We hope this helps.

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